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We use 100% real fruits to offer healthy and tasty products to our consumer

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Healthy and Tasty: The story of Supplier to Consumer begins with the tale of a strong interpersonal and enterepreneurial talant" Waleed F. Afify. Leader in nmultinational companies, with an extensive FMCG experiance in the Middle East, Africa, Leavant and International business. He has established his family business starting from 2013 with the ain to serve the consumer with Helthy and Tasty consumer brands.

We keep breaking new ground with our products to keep bringing joyful moments with our nature taste.

The Company

Supplier to Consumer Limited Company has been established by the leaders of multinational companies on a history of quality commitment in the food industries.

Supplier to Consumer uses 100% natural real fruits and tomatoes to serve the Middle East and Africa with high quality jams, juices and tomato paste under two brands 4u and Nouna


The opening of new markets and developing exports are our main priorities.

For export inquiries, please contact us at

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